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AeXI is a global social enterprise with a fair trade system concept as the Indonesia’s Export Accelerator and provides end-to-end export solution services. AeXI serves the needs of buyers around the world who provide curated Indonesian product resource services, SMEs development through acceleration, experienced logistics services, support for export document fulfilment, to delivery and fulfilment of special order services.

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Indonesiahub Affiliation

Indonesiahub Affiliation is a system that can accelerate the acceleration of Indonesian exports by jointly bringing and introducing Indonesian products to the Global Market, simply by recommending buyers then you have carried out your duties as an affiliate. Anyone can become part of an affiliate, we will perform data verification to ensure that the affiliate meets the requirements according to applicable business laws.


Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing facilitates the need for products that are curated according to the grade of the global market needs. Easily accessible, dynamic and practical. The product is guaranteed in quantity and quality. Product resources with choices produced by nature and processed by the hands of Indonesians.

Sample Development

AeXI works with sample factories and suppliers for a wide variety of products, a wide variety of projects and clients. We work closely with our clients and suppliers from start to finish in the sample development process. We understand the attention to detail that is required when developing samples and can manage the frequent back-and-forth communication required to ensure the product is produced correctly to the right production scheduling.

Order Management

Once the PO is issued or the order list is finalized, AeXI provides the client with an update on the ongoing production so far and also performs an initial QC check to identify serious production deficiencies to fix before the final stage QC inspection.

Quality Control

Professional quality control service is essential when purchasing home furniture and accessories. AeXI has one of the most experienced QC teams in Indonesia. Our team performs several QC checks during the production process including an initial QC inspection and a final multiple-stage QC inspection. Besides, AeXI generally does not perform AQL sampling we inspect each item and MC tests each item as needed.

Labelling, Packaging & Shipping

For many clients, particularly in Java, we provide labelling, packaging and stuffing monitoring services at the factory to ensure that the factory is following client requests before containers are sealed and shipped to port. In Bali we work closely with our shipping partner Prathama, to ensure that each container is packed and consolidated according to the client's request. This is especially important if there is a list of priority products per order to ensure that the priority product is not part of any return orders.

Reliable Communication

At AeXI we believe that regular and professional communication is the most important service we provide to our clients. Our client account managers regularly provide email updates to clients from suppliers as well as from our team in the field so you always know what's going on in the field at all times.

Consolidated Orders

We manage orders of a wide variety of products, ingredients and suppliers for retailers, wholesalers, hotels, restaurants and other related businesses. Consolidated orders require experience in order management, planning, quality control, supplier management and packaging and stuff coordination.

Small Quality Order

We not only manage your order from start to finish, but we also make sure that you don't have to worry about ethical issues around the origin and destination of your products. We are trying to build a trade network with the support of various parties including institutions that have the task of doing this in the destination country so that you can access full information to them.


Indonesia’s Coffee: More Than A Taste of Nature

The world has recognized the excellence of Indonesian coffee. There are so many varieties of Indonesian coffee beans that are undoubtedly the taste known and sought after by the world market. Not only does it present natural flavors, but Indonesian coffee is rich in high-quality types.


The increasing interest in the international market for Indonesian spices is not something new for Indonesia. Indonesian spices are one of the trade commodities with export potential. One of the reasons is the excellent quality of the product. Here AeXI provides recommendations for the seven best spices from Indonesia.

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