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Indonesia, the largest archipelago in the world and offers abundant natural resources. It is not surprising that Indonesia’s only commodities are highly sought after by foreign countries.

However, it is difficult for global buyers to find genuine premium products in Indonesia. Differences in business culture make it difficult for foreigners to deal with Indonesian suppliers.

This article will explain the most common barriers that define global buyers when looking for premium products in Indonesia and explain how to overcome these barriers.

  1. Challenging to find Indonesian suppliers online

Information about Indonesian products is still tricky to find online. Although the internet has developed rapidly, most of Indonesia’s suppliers are still classified as traditional and do not rely too much on the internet.

Although some already have websites, the information available is still incomplete and difficult to find on the internet due to a lack of optimization.

  1. Poor quality standards

Another problem that often occurs is that the quality of Indonesian products is far from standard. Global buyers often find that the products they order do not meet quality requirements, and they are forced to cancel their orders. This is because it does not apply product curation according to the standards of the export destination country.

  1. Language barrier

Language is often a big challenge when deals with Indonesia’s suppliers. This can be very tiring and challenging as English is the main language used by many foreigners for all kinds of communication and documents. However, most Indonesian suppliers do not speak much English.

How can help you with finding a premium products in Indonesia

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  1. Logistic Information

The advantage of with other platforms is the availability of information related to logistics. You can check the shipping availability for your country in Indonesia.

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