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Accelerator for SMEs

We help accelerate the resources of our SMEs products which we optimize while still referring to the needs of the global market. We guarantee to keep fulfilling every buyers request, from commodities that have been validated to commodities with products that have not been validated. We built a system that makes it easy for SMEs to start exporting by matching their products with the needs and specifications desired by buyers. We always believe that Indonesia’s superior commodity products are not fully accessible to us and we also believe that buyers will continue to search for suitable products. Join us right now and be a part of Indonesia export accelerator.

Global Product Listed

As a global export accelerator, AeXI provides access and convenience to global buyers in finding information and buying superior Indonesian commodity products that have been guaranteed in quality and quantity. Ensuring products are available in quantity and can meet market needs by measuring and managing the availability of products that we clearly inform you. We have curated the available products by providing a grade/level of product quality according to the needs of the global market. Global product listed can be accessed through our web at www.aexi.id and www.indonesiahub.com for a more dynamic interactive catalogue and allows you to get more detailed information about the desired product. We will always discuss prices and other information related to global listed products so there is no need to worry that the products we offer are products that can still compete following global market prices.

Global Market

Finding best of best suppliers and products in another country is never easy. But new technology makes the world smaller and makes finding suppliers and products overseas much easier than it was. AeXI provides digital-based services for building commerce. One of them is collaborating with the world’s largest e-commerce global B2B partner channel to increase the acceleration of Indonesian exports with the guarantee opportunities in world markets. For further information about our global market please click here

As part of the solution to simplify the export process and activities, AeXI helps to manage export documents such as product legality and legality related to the shipment process which we accelerate by sharing stakeholder fields and sub-fields that also support the implementation of exports and convenience for buyers. AeXI, through its international network, also ensures that regulations in destination countries are met. So that the obstacles related to the legality of exports can be resolved.

Logistic Service

AeXI collaborates with the ATT Group, which is a company group that provides cross-border logistics services with 20 years of experience in Indonesia. AeXI ensures that our logistics range is very wide to provide the best service for buyers around the world. Guarantee and ensure that the ordered products arrive at their destination with minimal constraints.

For further information about our logistics please click here

Sourcing Trip

Sourcing Trip

AeXI helps organize trips for clients who want to visit Indonesia to see first hand the factory and production process or ensure supply. The journey of finding and buying products allows clients to find many products and several factories that allow clients to make custom orders more easily to provide certainty about the production period directly. AeXI has extensive knowledge of the products owned by Indonesian suppliers and factories so we will guarantee to bring you to meet the best Indonesian suppliers.

You can make and arrange travel plans according to the opportunities and times available, and whenever we are ready to serve when you want to visit Indonesia.

Payments and Fees

This Sourcing trip is subject to fees that you can ask us for a nominal amount, we are sure that our best service will not be an obstacle for you to visit Indonesia and meet the best suppliers.

If shortly you want to take a trip to find the best supplier, fill in the following form:

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