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About Us

Identity & Mission

AeXI is a global social enterprise with a fair trade system concept as the Indonesia’s Export Accelerator and provides end-to-end export solution services. AeXI serves the needs of buyers around the world who provide curated Indonesian product resource services, SMEs development through acceleration, experienced logistics services, support for export document fulfilment, to delivery and fulfilment of special order services. Established in 2018, AeXI is a company registered in Indonesia with offices located in Jakarta and Yogyakarta. AeXI is an accelerator that solves problems and becomes an intermediary that helps match buyers needs by ensuring all aspects of providing superior products from Indonesia.

We make it easy to access the best-selected products through the catalogues and access to the indonesiahub.com platform which contains products with large commodities, we serve direct visits to suppliers, to serve the desired special requests. We strive to provide the highest quality products at competitive market prices. We do business with retail and wholesale clients, as well as procurement companies that require specialized products and services.

We are an innovative and fair company and work closely with our local communities throughout Indonesia to promote and develop the industry of a large variety of commodities. We build cooperation with groups, organizations in export promotion programs. We become an accelerator who is proud to bring Indonesian products to the world.

Why Work With Us?

We understand that we are not the only export accelerator in Indonesia and you have the right to choose the right partner. Please ask and compare with other export accelerator partners and here’s why we feel you will make a smart choice by working with us:


We realize that our experience is relatively new, but we are guided and mentored by a company that has long been engaged in serving exports throughout the world. This experience makes us believe that it is easy for us to convince you that we are the right export accelerator that can help you as a buyer to feel safe and confident in searching and purchasing superior Indonesian products. AeXI strives to continue to promote a fair business system for many parties, assist and encourage product providers, build many systems and schemes and apply them to SMEs throughout Indonesia. If you have worked with other export accelerators before and are involved in the process then you can understand and spot the differences. Let our passion lead you to the right choice in finding and buying Indonesia’s superior commodity products.


AeXI raises the bar as an export accelerator, as we are a professional organization with the best facilities, products and services. We will serve all your needs related to products and ensure communication professionally takes place, we are ready to serve you 24/7.

Quality & Value

At AeXI, we believe that it’s easy for you to find the product you want. Our extensive network of suppliers and producer groups throughout Indonesia allows us to source and manufacture any product to suit your pricing needs. Our team that strictly controls the quality of each order to ensure long-term needs. We always prioritize satisfaction is above your expectations. If you want to feel satisfaction, please work with us.

Transparency & Flexibility

At AeXI we objectively pursue the interests of our customers at all times with full transparency of transactions. We build partnerships with suppliers who have high motivation and good product quality. We fully understand that the cooperation we have built is not for one-sided interests but to make it easier for all parties to carry out export activities. We also understand very well that international trade is not easy to carry out, but we are sure that with the concept of openness we can jointly bring Indonesian products worthy of being recognized by the world. Every transaction is fully supported by the various parties involved. This is done for the benefit of customers, convenience and transaction satisfaction.

We also understand that buyers are cautious when they first work with purchasing agents, especially those based overseas such as Indonesia. We are happy to provide any information and/or guarantees you require including any product references as needed.

Peace of Mind

We not only manage your order from start to finish, but we also make sure that you don’t have to worry about ethical issues around the origin and destination of your products. We are trying to build a trade network with the support of various parties including institutions that have the task of doing this in the destination country so that you can access full information to them.

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